Church Services - Tri-Cities
[Updated March 27, 2021]

Services at the church building will continue with certain limits related to Coronavirus COVID-19.
Please click the link below for details:

Old Apostolic Lutheran Church of Tri Cities (3/23/21)
United St. John's Services via Live Audio
The 2021 united St. John's services will be held in Hancock, MI with limited attendance because of Coronavirus.

The services will be broadcast via both teleconference and audio live stream for those unable to attend in-person.
Connection details will be communicated by each local congregation.
Contact a member of the local sound committee, the local board, or the contact person listed below with any questions.

See below for service dates and times.
Old Apostolic Lutheran Churc - Tri-Cities

Old Apostolic Lutheran Church
of Tri-Cities, WA

Weekly Sunday Services at 11 am..
Everyone is Welcome.
Sunday school starts 10 am except on Communion which falls on the first Sunday of every month.

Location Address

791 Country Haven Loop
Pasco WA 99301

Mailing Address

Old Apostolic Lutheran Church
of Tri-Cities
PO Box 5578
Pasco, WA 99302


Contact Person:
Max Tanninen
(509) 308-3077
Email: [email protected][email protected]

United St. John's Meetings

Wed Jun 23
3pm PDT
Thu Jun 24
8am PDT, 3pm PDT
Fri Jun 25
8am PDT, 3pm PDT
Sat Jun 26
8am PDT, 3pm PDT
Sun Jun 27
8am PDT

Preachers in attendance: American Missionary Preachers & others.